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Born January 25, 1783 By William Colgate’s 37th birthday in 1820, it seemed that God blessed everything the businessman touched. But that same year, some dubbed William’s latest venture “Colgate’s Folly.” That’s the year he moved his soap manufacturing operations from New York to New Jersey. He built … Continue reading

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Born JANUARY 16, 1902 The gun went off. The runners launched forward on the track. Someone tripped Scotland’s favorite sprinter. Eric Liddell lunged onto the grass. Up to that moment in 1923, the Triangular International Contests (featuring England, Ireland and Scotland) had … Continue reading

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Born JANUARY 10 1877 The heiress to a family of chocolate manufacturers would normally devote her life to promoting the confection. Helen Cadbury chose a different cause. SCHOOL GIRL ENTHUSIASM When she was 12, Helen attended a Sunday evening church … Continue reading

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                                                        Born JANUARY 3, 1935 Jesus told a wealthy, young man of His day that to gain eternal life he should sell his possessions and divide the money among the poor (Matthew 19:21). That young man refused to give up … Continue reading

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