Born MARCH 3, 1939

What does the Bible say about money? Plenty! When Larry Burkett did an in-depth study to get the facts, his findings led to an international ministry.


Larry grew up in Florida, hardly more than an hour from Cape Canaveral. He graduated from high school in Winter Garden. Following a stint with the Air Force he landed a job at the NASA space center. There, he oversaw tests necessary for the safety of the astronauts in America’s initial space programs. In his spare time, Larry pursued degrees in both finance and marketing. He began work in the private sector in 1970.

He’d served his country, earned a solid education and held more than one lucrative job. Although Larry was living well and was respected in his field, something was miss-ing. He filled that void in 1972; he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Shortly thereafter, he combined his new-found faith with his educational pursuits. He become a financial advisor for Campus Crusade for Christ.


In his hunger to learn from God’s word, Larry turned part of his Bible study in a specific direction. He searched for scriptural principles about money. He soon found that both Old and New Testaments spoke about budgeting, coveting, giving and saving. He lists 1,000 of those scriptures in his topical commentary, The Word on Finances (1994).

He turned the principles he found embedded in God’s word into a  study he gladly shared with others. Before long, Larry took his findings on the road. He found church groups eager to let scripture guide their financial decisions. Books detailing the principles he taught naturally grew out of his teachings.


In 1976, Larry took the next step. He created Christian Financial Concepts, to which he devoted himself full-time. He developed a listening audience as well as a reading audience by appearing as a guest on Christian radio. Moody Bible Institute, which would also publish a number of his books, helped Larry launch his own radio program. From then to 2003, he hosted a total of four programs. Their titles are, Money Matters, How to Manage Your Money, Money Watch and A Money Minute. In 2000, Christian Financial Concepts and Crown Ministries merged to form Crown Financial Ministries.


Almost 2o years after founding Christian Financial Concepts, something happened that greatly affected Larry. His doctor told him he had cancer. Larry forged ahead, continuing to write and speak. He didn’t die when the doctor said he should. To help others with the disease, he wrote books about facing cancer and he established the Larry Burkett Cancer Research Foundation. 

Larry discovered an ability prior to his diagnoses that propelled him another new direction as a writer. During a ten-year period, he wrote four novels. The Illuminati, The Thor Conspiracy, Solar Flare, and Kingdom Come (with T. Davis Bunn). 

Larry’s career ended when a heart attack took him on July 4, 2003.



Thousands of families today are better off financially because they applied the Biblical principles Larry promoted. He went beyond general applications. Among the 70 books bearing his name, there are those giving specific financial guidance to children, teens, college students, newly-weds and individuals over 50.

Larry pioneered a field that flourishes today with other voices and personalities. Even as their  speaking engagements, books, radio and TV programs keep expanding, Larry’s name continues to be a trusted source. The man who once played a role in advancing our space program played a very significant role in advancing God’s principles for handling money.      


LET ME KNOW:  How has Larry’s story informed, encouraged, or otherwise helped  you? I welcome your comments.


Some of Larry’s books on finances———

  • Business by the Book
  • Debt-Free Living
  • Family Financial Workbook
  • Giving and Tithing
  • More than Finances
  • The Burkett & Blue Definitive Guide to Securing Wealth to Last
  • Your Career in Changing Times

Larry’s books about living with cancer———

  • Damaged, but Not Broken
  • Hope When it Hurts
  • Nothing to Fear

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——-Images of Larry Burkett provided by Crown Financial Ministries.——-


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I'm married to a wonderful woman named Deb. We're the parents of a son and daughter who bring great joy to our lives. I currently pastor the Assembly of God church in Afton, Iowa.
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