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Born JUNE 28, 1851 Eliza Hewitt was one of a handful of Christian women who, regardless of and because of physical suffering, wrote lyrics to some of our outstanding hymns. Among those servants of God were Charlotte Elliot (1789-1871) who wrote “Just As … Continue reading

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Born JUNE 19, 1834 Charles Haddon Spurgeon earned the title “The Prince of Preachers.” While preaching scriptural truths like other pastors before and since he drew thousands of listeners for three and a half decades during the 1800s. While other preachers’ sermons have … Continue reading

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Born JUNE 13, 1812 The invading Fijian warriors stormed the village. They intended to wipe out its residents. But they felt restrained. They planned to kill all the natives and cast them into ovens to cook them for eating. However, they admitted, they couldn’t carry out their … Continue reading

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Born JUNE 1, 1794 It was payday. What would Billy Bray, a mine worker known for his vices, do? Would he squander his earnings at the tavern and wander home drunk as usual? Or would his plea the night before for God to save … Continue reading

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