2013: WHO’S IN LINE?



I enjoyed bringing Lights-4-God to life in 2012. The end result: biographical sketches of 40 committed and influential Christians. But not everyone on my original list appeared on the blog.

There are reasons some outstanding Christian leaders didn’t make the cut. A few you didn’t see in 2012 fall under the heading “Never on Sunday.” Their birth dates landed on the only day of the week I didn’t post in 2012. Others shared a birth date or were born too close to someone else I chose. Still others I wanted to feature in 2012 lost out to time constraints.

So who do I owe a post to in this new year? My list includes (because of Sunday birthdays in 2012) D. L. Moody, Charles Sheldon, and Oswald Chambers. A few others I plan to lock into the list are Gladys Aylward, William Booth, Albert Brumley, and Amy Carmichael.

I’ll also insert a teaser each month titled “2012 relit.” Most of those entries will connect three posts from 2012 with a common thread. I’ll provide a few facts of similarity and contrast between the three with links to their individual posts.

I want your responses. Each post in this new year will also end with a request for you to tell me how it helped you, if it did. First-time visitors will see the same request for comments on the first forty entries.

Thank you for your interest. I try to provide appropriate pictures for every biography and reference sources to help you dig deeper into the life of each leader I feature. I always welcome your comments at any time about any of the posts or material included with any of the Christian biographies.

I pray you’ll sense God’s fresh inspiration through many sources this new year.

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