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Born JULY 24, 1874 “We will all feel very much ashamed if we do not yield to Jesus the areas of our lives He has asked us to yield to Him. It’s as if Paul were saying, ‘My determined pur-pose is … Continue reading

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Born JULY 9, 1838 For the 1876 Christmas holiday, Philip and his wife “Lucy,” visited his hometown of Rome, Pennsylvania. On December 29, they left their two young children in the care of an aunt. Philip and Lucy boarded a train bound for Chicago to participate … Continue reading

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Born JULY 1, 1899 Thomas Andrew Dorsey is known as the “Father of Gospel Music.” He earned that distinction by blend-ing two powerful musical styles of his day—church hymn music and the blues—making a new sound for worshiping God. Thomas is recognized by both genres as a successful … Continue reading

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