2014 New Year

(Revised January, 28, 2014)

I want to introduce you to some people. They are Christians whose words and actions  touched thousands for God. Not only while they were alive; after their journeys ended, their positive influence lived on.

You know some of them. You’ve probably sung the songs of Fanny Crosby and Elisha Hoffman. You’ve possibly read books by C. S. Lewis and Catherine Marshall. You’ve very likely heard of evangelists D. L. Moody and Charles Spurgeon. For those spiritual heroes whose names you know, I offer inspiring details that you may not have known.

Then there are names you’ve heard whose lives of faith you may not know about. For instance, what made Helen Cadbury, Henry Heinz, and William Colgate such good Christians?

There are still others whose names aren’t familiar. They’re Christians worth knowing.

So far (2012-2013), I’ve written biographies about 66 outstanding Christian leaders from the past 300 years. Now its 2014! People I want to feature this year include authors, Charles Sheldon (“In His Steps”) and Lew Wallace (“Ben Hur”), Cameron Townsend (founder of Wycliffe Bile Translators), and missionaries Lillian Thrasher (Egypt) and Mary Slessor (Nigeria). Other missionaries, ministry leaders, and hymn writers are in line. I’ll also be drawing attention to special anniversary dates for some of those whose biographies I’ve already posted.

I hope you’ll allow their  stories to enrich your life. I hope you’ll let the anecdotes of their faith in God and faithfulness to Him improve your walk for God. Let the pictures I add take you to the places where they walked. Adopt some of their sayings as slogans for your own life.

You may want to dig deeper. I include resources at the end of each biography. There are books to read (some online), videos to view, websites to explore. If you discover some- thing helpful at Lights-4-God, please pass specific links of posts on to friends.

For a quick reference to the Christians I’ve written about so far, here’s an alphabetical listing of their names that will link you to their individual pages—

Gladys Aylward,

Philip Bliss, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, William Booth, E. M. Bounds, David Brainerd, Paul Brand, Billy Bray, Bill Bright, Albert Brumley, Larry Burkett,

Helen Cadbury, William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Oswald Chambers, William Colgate, Fanny Crosby,

Thomas Dorsey,

Alfred Edersheim, Jonathan Edwards,

Charles Finney, Elizabeth Fry, Millard Fuller,

Henry Heinz, James Hepburn, Eliza Hewitt, Elisha Hoffman, John Hunt, Paul Hutchens, John Hyde,

Adoniram Judson,

C. S. Lewis, Eric Liddell, Thomas Lowry

Catherine Marshall, Walter Martin, Cyrus McCormick, Henrietta Mears, D. L. Moody, Lottie Moon, George Muller, Andrew Murray,

John Newton,

John W. Peterson, Bob Pierce, Jessie Pounds,

Robert Raikes, Evan Roberts,

Warner Sallman,

Hannah W. Smith, Rodney “Gypsy” Smith, Charles Spurgeon, Ira Stanphill,                    John Stott, C. T. Studd, Billy Sunday,

Hudson Taylor, Corrie Ten Boom, R. A. Torrey, Dawson Trotman,

John Wanamaker, Anna B. Warner, Charles Wesley, Alexander Whyte,                                William Wilberforce, David Wilkerson.



About William E. Richardson

I'm married to a wonderful woman named Deb. We're the parents of a son and daughter who bring great joy to our lives. I currently pastor the Assembly of God church in Afton, Iowa.
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