The things they accomplished for God have become legendary. Their faithfulness to go to China transformed thousands of lives there and inspired hundreds of others to support world missions with finances and with personal commitments to missionary service.

In the 92 years between 1853 and 1945, these 5 individuals from various backgrounds, made a difference. Their stories continue touching and changing lives. Let the stories of their lives speak to you today.

Hudson Taylor      [PD-1923]

Hudson Taylor


In his book China’s Spiritual Needs and Claims, Hudson Taylor made an observation using Jesus’ parable of the shepherd with 100 sheep. He said that instead of leaving the 99 to rescue the one lost sheep, “we stay at home with the one sheep, and take no heed to the ninety and nine perishing ones!” Throughout his life Hudson carried the burden of rescuing China’s “perishing sheep.”            Read more

Charles Thomas Studd                [PD-1923]

Charles Thomas Studd


To some in England, the very thought of it was a social scandal. How could seven talented young men of wealth and influence set aside their social privilege to go to China as missionaries? Among the young men dubbed the “Cambridge Seven” was Charles Studd, England’s most celebrated cricket player. His story is about much more than what he left behind.                                        Read more


Lottie Moon   [PD-1923]

Lottie Moon


Few missionaries have inspired so many to give so much. Lottie Moon survived extreme culture shock to present the gospel to the people of China and fought for fairer treatment of those sacrificially serving on the mission field. Lottie was a petite servant of God whose bold ideas and strong spirit accomplished big things for God.       Read more


Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell


The gun went off. The runners launched forward on the track. Some-one tripped Scotland’s favorite sprinter. Eric Liddell lunged onto the grass… He caught his breath and sprang back onto the track. In nothing short of a miraculous recovery, Eric passed the other runners, breaking the finish line tape. He fell to the ground, gasping for air, but he’d won the race.                                         Read more

Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward


The guard opened the gate and Gladys entered. A prisoner with an ax came running toward her. The man had already murdered two fellow prisoners. The officials had sent Gladys to face him because she’d testified that God protected her. She spoke gently to the man with the ax, persuading him to hand her the weapon. That began Gladys Aylward’s unplanned prison ministry in China.               Read more 



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I'm married to a wonderful woman named Deb. We're the parents of a son and daughter who bring great joy to our lives. I currently pastor the Assembly of God church in Afton, Iowa.
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