Born SEPTEMBER 27, 1914

To celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday this weekend, here are the highs and lows of Catherine Marshall’s life in 10 statements.

Image: courtesy of Peter Marshall Ministries.

Image: courtesy of Peter Marshall Ministries. legacy/ catherine-marshall/.


  • At age 22, Catherine Wood—graduate of an Atlanta, Georgia women’s college— married Atlanta Presbyterian pastor, Peter Marshall.


  • At age 25, Catherine gave birth to their only child, Peter Marshall Jr.
  • Later that year, she contracted tuberculosis. It lasted for nearly three years.


Peter’s death left Catherine a 35-year-old widow with a young son to raise.


When she was 41, the biography she’d written about her husband, who’d been a U.S. Senate chaplain, became a Hollywood movie.


45-year-0ld Catherine married Guideposts magazine editor, Leonard LeSourd.


She was 53 when Christy, a novel she based on her mother’s younger days became a best seller.


At age 66, Catherine published her autobiography, Meeting God at Every Turn.


Catherine Marshall died at age 68.


She would have been 70 the following Fall when Christy became a TV series.

For more details about Catherine’s life, including answers to the following five questions, read here.

  • What speaking engagement did Catherine and Peter share before they started dating?
  • How did Catherine know she would be healed of tuberculosis?
  • What happened the morning Peter died?
  • What Christian publishing company did Catherine and Leonard form with John and Elizabeth Sherrill?
  • What is the Christy Award?



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