By the end of 2014, Lights-4-God had received almost twice as many views as in 2013.         I averaged a new post almost every other week (23). There were anniversary posts (listed below), theme posts (listed below) and biographies of Christian authors, missionaries, hymn writers, and ministry leaders (see the 5 most viewed below). Feel free to share the links to any of the L4G posts with others.  

The Top Post Viewed in 2014

noteIra Stanphill (1914-1993). Although the post originally appeared in 2012, the hymn writer had his best year in 2014. That’s due in large part to the 100th anniversary of Ira’s birthday on February 14. Leading up to that date, I invited viewers to vote for their favorite song he wrote, then posted the results. Another plus for Ira’s post was someone linking to it in the Wikipedia article about him.

Other Anniversary Posts

  • Bob Pierce’s 100th Birthday. I offer 6 facts about the man who started both World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse.
  • Catherine Marshall’s 100th Birthday. Here are 10 statements about the beloved Christian author.
  • Oswald Chamber’s 140th Birthday. Most people don’t know these 5 facts about the man who wrote My Utmost for His Highest.
  • 90 Years Ago: Eric Liddell Won Gold. I celebrate the Olympic athlete God rewarded for following his convictions with a description of his finish and a link to a video of Eric winning the actual race.

Top 5 New Posts in 2014

  1. Johnson Oatman Jr. (1856-1925). Learn about the man who wrote “Count Your Blessings” and the lyrics of 5 of his hymns we still sing today.
    Johnson Oatman Jr. [PD-1923]

    Johnson Oatman Jr. [PD-1923]

  2. William Cameron Townsend (1896-1982). The story of the man who founded Wycliffe Bible Translators.
  3. Ruth Bell Graham (1920-2007). She was much more than the wife of evangelist, Billy Graham. Here are the essential facts about Ruth.
  4. William Seymour (1870-1922). Find out how William started the Azusa Street Mission, his struggles, and the mission’s lasting results.
  5. Lew Wallace (1827-1905). Here’s the story of the Civil War general who wrote Ben Hur and how he came to write a Christian-themed tale that eventually won 11 Academy Awards.

Top 6 Theme Posts in 2014

  1. 40 Favorite Quotes. These are 40 usable quotes from L4G bios of 2012 and
    James Hudson Taylor in 1865. [PD-1923]

    James Hudson Taylor in 1865. [PD-1923]

    2013, including Charles Spurgeon, Amy Carmichael, and Billy Sunday.
  2. 5 Missionary Heroes Who Served China. The list begins with J. Hudson Taylor and concludes with Gladys Aylward.
  3. The British Invasion of the Christian Faith. Here’s a sampler of how the United Kingdom has contributed to America’s Christian faith.
  4. Lights for God in World War II. Introductions to 5 Christian leaders who served God during the war and what the 3 who survived did after the war.
  5. 8 Wonderful Salvation Stories  (pt. II). The second half of a list of eight unique conversion experiences of well-known Christian leaders.
  6. 8 Wonderful Salvation Stories (Pt. I). Here’s the first half of the list of quick descriptions of 8 unique salvation experiences.

About William E. Richardson

I'm married to a wonderful woman named Deb. We're the parents of a son and daughter who bring great joy to our lives. I currently pastor the Assembly of God church in Afton, Iowa.
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