I admit it’s been a slow year. I’ve not posted as frequently the past few months as I’d planned. However, here’s an idea for these spaces of weeks-at-a-time between lights4god biographies: revisit a few of your favorite posts or discover some you haven’t yet read.

300 years in 4 years

I’ve tried to highlight some of the best Christian lives of the 1700s-1900s. By birth year my posts have spanned from Jonathan Edwards (1703) to Andrae Crouch (1942).  There are 77 stalwart Christians altogether. If you were to read one biographical post per week, there are enough missionaries and evangelists, authors and hymn writers, business leaders and other social change agents to inspire you once a week for a year and a half.

Quick reference database

Here are four suggestions for quickly knowing who’s here and how to sort through the biographies.

  • Birthdate Timeline. The “Pages” link is your access to the timeline. All 77 biographies are listed in chronological order by century. You’ll find exactly whose story is available and when each was born in relation to all the others. Interesting fact: some of the great Christian leaders were born in the same year (two in 1838, only two days apart) Four of the spiritual influences were born in a single year—1912.
  • Category Cloud. The category cloud on the right side of every post lists areas of ministry each Christian leader represents.  The word “author” is largest because 32 of the men and women wrote books. Some, like C. S. Lewis and Catherine Marshall, were known as authors. Others, like John Newton and David Wilkerson, are identified primarily for other avenues of ministry. There are a dozen categories in the cloud.
  • Specialty posts. You can find posts covering more than one person at a time via the search box near the top, right hand side of every page. I believe you’ll be inspired by “40 Favorite Quotes” (taken from 23 individuals). Other searchable theme posts include “Bible-Translating Missionaries,” “8 Wonderful Salvation Stories”  (Parts I & II), “Lights for God in World War II,” “Five Missionaries Who Served China,” and “The British Invasion of Christian Faith.”
  • Keep searching. Try dates, countries, and various topics as key words. You’ll get a list of posts if you type “prayer” or “baptism” in the search bar. A number of the men and women I’ve included taught Sunday School or worked for the Salvation Army. Go ahead, experiment with the search bar.

I hope you’ll do some exploring. Let the 77 people who were outstanding lights for God inspire you more thoroughly today.


About William E. Richardson

I'm married to a wonderful woman named Deb. We're the parents of a son and daughter who bring great joy to our lives. I currently pastor the Assembly of God church in Afton, Iowa.
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  1. Ed Schlak says:

    Thank you for this ready resource!

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