At 50,000 Views— Top 5 L4G Posts

The Lights-4-God blog: short biographies of Christians God greatly used who’ve gone to their reward. That idea grew to be the stories of 77 men and women who were mostly missionaries, hymn writers, authors, and business leaders. At the recent 50,000 view mark, these are the five individuals whose stories were most often sought out and read.

piano-keyboard#1  IRA STANPHILL (1914-1993)

The hymn writer/evangelist Ira Stanphill wrote songs of hope. From “Room at the Cross” (the promise of salvation to those who accept it) to “Mansion Over the Hilltop”  (the glories of Heaven’s future residence for Christians), Ira’s lyrics draw us into Biblical truth.

In 2014, Ira Stanphill would have turned 100. That year the Ira post received almost twice as many views as the second most read L4G bio. I asked readers to choose their favorite Stanphill hymn (results here ). Someone wrote a Wikipedia article on Ira that linked to my post via the story behind “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” That year, 330 individuals followed that link to L4G (others continue to).  Ira’s story keeps inspiring year after year.

Read the Ira Stanphill post here.


head-of-christ#2 WARNER SALLMAN (1892-1968)

The painting The Head of Christ became an iconic image of Jesus in the 20th century while selling over 500 million copies. I describe Warner’s journey as an artist and how his most famous painting came to be so famous. Two of his other well-loved paintings appear in the post.

Warner Press Incorporated owns the rights to the paintings. Upon reading the L4G bio of Mr. Sallman, Warner Press posted it on their blog. That drew more interested viewers.

Read the Warner Sallman post here.


john-flew-a-curtiss-c-46-commando-us-pd#3 JOHN W. PETERSON (1921-2006)

As a teenager, John W. Peterson walked away from an accident that totaled the family car. As an adult, he survived World War II as a pilot. He later wrote the song “It Took a Miracle.” Other songs he penned, “Heaven Came Down” and “Springs of Living Water,” tell of the wonder of spiritual salvation and the Christian life.

The post relates stories about three of John’s six songs mentioned in the post. John became an even, more dynamic force in Christian music by branching out into music publishing and writing church cantatas.

Read the John W. Peterson post here.


olympic_flag5#4 ERIC LIDDELL (1902-1945)

The month Eric’s post received almost 600 views, I knew it had caught on. It highlights the moments in Eric’s athletic career that mattered and tells of his service for God after winning Olympic gold. The post includes a link to the Youtube video of Eric’s actual Olympic win and to a clip from the movie, Chariots of Fire.

Eric’s win is also celebrated in a very short post, “90 Years Ago: Eric Won Gold” which you can read here. He’s mentioned with other outstanding Christians in “Lights for God in World War II” and “5 Missionary Heroes Who Served China.”

Read the Eric Liddell post here.


colgate_clock_jersey_city_1_of_2_3157735699#5 WILLIAM COLGATE (1783-1857)

A dozen of the 77 L4G bios are Christian leaders born in the 1700s. Businessman William Colgate is the most read of those twelve posts. He’s also the oldest person whose name is associated with a business or a brand to be featured in a post.

The man who was also a driving force behind the American Bible Society has continued month after month to draw high numbers of viewers.

Read the William Colgate post here.


To discover the other 72 Christian bios I’ve written, I suggest you start here.



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