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Born October 23, 1890 Should she enter full-time Christian service? The single, 39-year-old Henrietta pondered that question in 1929. When she and her sister, Margaret, visited Hollywood First Presbyterian Church, the pastor offered Henrietta a job: overseeing the church’s Christian Education Department. She took that … Continue reading

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Born September 14, 1735 Robert Raikes lived his entire life in Gloucester, England. He spent most of it in the family news-paper business. As a Christian, he used the Gloucester Journal to espouse social causes he believed in. His involvement in one of those areas … Continue reading

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Born JUNE 8, 1878 In the first few years of the 20th century, Wales experienced something unique. After many years of Christians praying for a spiritual reawakening, God answered their prayers, touching the country on multiple levels. One young man who had prayed … Continue reading

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Born FEBRUARY 5, 1837 Dwight Lyman Moody had a limited formal education and was never ordained into the ministry. Still, he became the most successful evangelist of the Nineteenth Century. He left his mark in Christian education and Christian publishing and set standards for both one-on-one … Continue reading

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Born OCTOBER 11, 1844 Henry Heinz once stated, “To do a thing uncommonly well brings success.” His Christian faith drove him to do things uncommonly well. He honored God with his success while providing (at one time 57) food products the nation bought. FAMILY GARDEN His … Continue reading

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Born JULY 11, 1838 Christianity, which John Wanamaker embraced at age twelve, influenced all parts of his life. He became an innovative business leader who served God and his fellow humans well. BUSINESS VENTURES The Philadelphia native entered the merchandising business as an errand … Continue reading

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