2012: L4G Q & A

You’ve written over 120 Internet devotionals. Will this be a devotional blog?

Not in the traditional sense. I don’t offer personal applications for the reader. I want the blog to be inspirational by being informational. The reader is free to draw his or her own personal applications.

To what does the title “Lights 4 God” refer?

The blog’s focus is the spiritual examples of Christians from the past three centuries. They lived according to Jesus’ teachings; their obedience shined as a light in the world around them.

Why only the past 300 years?

Modern history is full of Christian men and women who made a difference. Christians today will recognize some of them, but there are stories many may not know. They were people who addressed social needs, individuals who created art or wrote books or songs that helped define the Christian faith and others who spent their lives verbally telling the world about Jesus. I want to share their inspiring stories.

How often do you plan to post?

My goal is to give 52 examples the first year. I plan to highlight one person per week.

Which day will you post?

The entries will coincide with the day of the year the person was born. It could be any day Monday through Saturday of each week. So there could be 3 days between posts one time, but not often, and as many as 12 days the next time.

Will you still be writing devotional articles?

Yes. They’ll appear from time to time at http://pe.ag.org. on the Daily Boost page.

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