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Born APRIL 27, 1921 His parents anticipated a political career for him. John might have become an English foreign minister, but instead he became a Christian minister. He became a very influential one. John strongly contributed to expanding evangelical Christianity around the world. NO LONGER “MENTAL FURNITURE” At … Continue reading

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Born APRIL 20, 1718 David Brainerd served God in the North American wilderness of the “1700s.” His life wasn’t easy. Yet he endured physical and emotional hardships to reach Native Americans with the gospel. His short, faithful ministry, preserved in the diary he kept, has inspired many. … Continue reading

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Born APRIL 7, 1902 God’s truths can be as real when taught in a novel as they can when preached in a sermon. Paul Hutchens became skilled doing both. His single goal, whether preaching behind a pulpit or teaching over a typewriter: changed … Continue reading

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