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Born MAY 21, 1780 God used Elizabeth Fry to pioneer prison reform, especially among women. She invested her life  showing Jesus to others less fortunate than herself. JESUS TO THE SLUMS Elizabeth Gurney was born in Norwich, England, to a nominal Quaker family. At … Continue reading

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Born MAY 19, 1931 The skinny preacher stood on a sidewalk in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, holding his Bible. He’d just prayed with four young gang members to become Christians. Then, two leaders of the gang known as the Mau Maus stepped … Continue reading

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Born MAY 7, 1839 Elisha Hoffman, author of more than 2,000 hymns, wrote songs for the church in an era when most churches preferred something different from today. Yet God continues to honor the results of Elisha’s faithful service. EDUCATION AND ENDURANCE Elisha was born … Continue reading

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