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Born MARCH 3, 1870 For more than 100 years, Lettie Cowman has encouraged millions of people needing God’s help. As a missionary with her husband Charles, she spread the gospel in the Orient. Later as a widow and best selling-devotional author, Lettie inspired readers around the … Continue reading

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Born DECEMBER 16, 1867 It began with Preena. The 7-year-old girl fled the Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India in fear. She found Amy Carmichael, an English missionary. Hearing Preena’s story and learning the truth about female temple slaves gave Amy’s ministry new … Continue reading

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Born DECEMBER 2, 1860 To some in England, the very thought of it was a social scandal. How could seven talented young men of wealth and influence set aside their social privilege to go to China as missionaries? Among the young men dubbed the “Cambridge … Continue reading

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Born AUGUST 17, 1761 He’s the missionary known for saying, “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” While serving 40 years in India, William Carey never stopped expecting great things and never ceased attempting great things. Along the way, he … Continue reading

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Born MAY 21 , 1832 In his book China’s Spiritual Needs and Claims, Hudson Taylor made an observation using Jesus’ parable of the shepherd with 100 sheep. He said that instead of leaving the 99 to rescue the one lost sheep, “we stay at home with the … Continue reading

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Born FEBRUARY 24, 1902 The guard opened the gate and Gladys entered. A prisoner with an ax came running toward her. The  man had already murdered two fellow prisoners. The officials had sent Gladys to face him because she’d testified that God protected her. … Continue reading

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Born DECEMBER 12, 1840 Few missionaries have inspired so many to give so much. Lottie Moon survived extreme culture shock to present the gospel to the people of China and fought for fairer treatment of those sacrificially serving on the mission field. Lottie … Continue reading

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